Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lazy Sunday Morning

Sundays mornings are meant for that. You wake up, but dont get out of the bed in the next hour or so, postpone shower till evening, browse aimlessly and so on. Its precisely these nothings that I did today. Its been raining asusual here in Seattle. Perfect weather to stay indoors. Only worthwhile thing was the heavy chennai brunch that I had....ghee-roasted onion uthapam with "kathrikai"(egg plant) sambar and "milakhai-podi"(idli powder). For the benefit of my mother, I thought of putting up a pic too !

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sleepless in Seattle

While I am missing on my sleep here in Seattle because of work pressure, the place certainly offers some scenic solace. The undulating terrain of Seattle seems to have some good fall colors. I hardly got to see them in Ruston(Louisiana)....but for that lonely yellow-leaved tree near Carson-Taylor building. Here are some pics that I took with my Kodak easy share DX6490 camera;

Breath-taking red "fall colors". I still need to capture the other amazing yellow, orange and burgundy leaves.

Gateway to heaven

Woods behind my apartment

Lake Washington,Seattle ( I was told that Bill Gates has his mansion on an island in this lake....Seattle is the HQ of Microsoft)

Thats me on the lake's waterfront boulevard
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