Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nihaki crowd in Shenandoah valley

The memorial day long weekend this year was indeed memorable. A 15-member Nihaki crowd literally lit up Shenandoah valley, Virgiana. Though it was quite a long & tiring drive from Jersey, the fun we had there made up for it.

Luray caverns, old-car museum, canoeing/kayaking in Shenandoah river, buggy ride in Amish county, open-car ride on a nearly 100-year old train, non-stop "bukku-fying",antics of the Nihaki Jackie Chan (guess who?),water slide and finally go-karting drained us all by the end of the 3-day trip. I dont have mention that KVR kept us "entertained" !!

Really appreciate the spirit of Nihaki crowd (ever-silent Madan, never-silent Shyam, panparag Mouli, kiddo Shruti, dancing Anil, Peddarayudu, dynamic Deepa, danda-nakada-danda-nakada Vivek, Rao garu, Jackie Chan, Nappi, Vani, bukku Madhu, bigman Kapil ,and last but not the least KVR "the perfectionist").And finally kudos to the organizers!!! :) :)
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