Tuesday, May 01, 2007

India: points to ponder....

Time and again I keep coming across these group emails extolling the greatness of India and Indians. Like x-singh did this first 3 centuries ago, y-Rao invented that blah-blah before westeners stopped roaming in nude, z-Chathurvedi dreamt of achieving this first( and sadly is still dreaming!!) etc etc.

No doubt, a handful of great Indian minds, from past till now, have contributed to some huge human achievements. Around a million bright Indian minds are currently fuelling the IT world. Trade reforms in the past decade have put us on a decent growth curve. Are these enough to start thinking that we can become the next super-power ? Sadly not. Read the following CNN article; India the Superpower? Think again . The facts there in are the points to chew and digest. Less to my liking, however, is relentless way western media portrays India, as a country of snake-charmers, superstitions, maharajas and hunger.

After two centuries of being pillaged by the British,we have certainly come a long way. With a billion mouths to feed, the super power status might be atleast half a century away. But it certainly is possible, I feel.
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