Thursday, July 22, 2004

A lost habit

I had this habit of penning down my thoughts in the form of verses till I was in college. I have hardly shared them with anyone. Most of them are unedited,unfinished and many even vaporized into thin air. Somehow lost that habit after I started working. I just thought of sharing my favorite one,written while in 10th grade...........

Rest a while to live
Down by dirty lane
Walks alone an aged man,
Propped by a cane,
To listen to all he can
By the side of the gargling stream.
There he is far from the hell of earth,
Gleaning the past with a gleam
And relishing the present mirth.

Amidst the chirping birds
And restless deers in herds,
Vests the tint of sweetness.
Musing over the breathtaking
Beauty, stands he,
Listening to the humming bees,
Smiling at the swaying of trees
Nodding to the tune of his breath.

Gracious, it would be of Him,
If He let him stay
Forever in this nature’s brim,
And kept the rest at bay.
But never can it be so.
For to vie and struggle, have we been made.
So to God’s will we shall bow
And at times, rest in nature’s shade.

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