Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trip to Canada

My three day visit to Canada's capital city Ottawa hasn't, personally speaking, got much to talk about. Primarily because it was too windy and cold, and I didn't venture out. It was a 3-day confinement to my hotel room, eyes locked to the television, hands incessantly working on the TV remote to skip the French channels, keeping away from my cell phone to avoid roaming charges, cold food and warm beer.

Every thing on TV seemed to be about ice....non-stop telecast of curling tournaments, North-West Rocky mountains recieving over 10 meters of annual snowfall etc. Two piece of info that caught my attention was of "inducing" pre-emptive avalanches to avoid outage of highways and building ice roads on frozen lakes to haul machinery weighing over 100 tonnes to diamond mines way up in the northen parts of Canada. It seems, Canada, basically an icy country, experienced its warmest winter in the last 48 years. Global warming is indeed raising its ugly head.

One thing is for sure; the wilderness, calmness and remoteness of the place could break the toughest of men, unless you have not seen the outside world.
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