Monday, April 04, 2005

Ruston & Me

It’s been more than a month that I moved out of Ruston. And today I finally decided to write about it because I suddenly felt that, before long, Ruston would rust and wither off my fortunately-still-intact brain. Well, it might sound like my opinion about Ruston experience in nutshell. But then I dont wanna be very unfair. And the many intangible things that I learnt there would go unrequited. Not to speak of the master’s degree that it has earned for me.

Latech had been a “back to school at 31” experience for me. And in that it was a unique one. Landing in US for a master’s degree was more of an accident than a choice. I had never in my wildest of dreams thought would do anything like it. But looking back I am glad I did it. This "Back to school" thing, after 9 years of working in India, gave a fresh lease of life and seems to have taken away a couple of years off my age.....I bet nothing else could have done that for me.

Things I wont forget: University apartments, the "Mc D" house, a nighmarish research experience,the ghost house, tech station & perennial hunger, cybers, study sessions at Wily, the swimming pool, tennis sessions, numerous camping trips - espcially the bard spring one, two horrifying summers, endless parties, my conversion to "total non-vegetarianism".......I could go on and on.... but I have to stop now. Lots of other things to take care of.
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