Thursday, January 19, 2006

Objectivism in daily life

At times objectivism sounds as if it tends more towards Capitalism. That, it is not so is illustrated by the following excerpt from an essay on Objectivism, that I came across in the Ayn Rand Institute website.

"One does not benefit from the poverty or incompetence of others. It is in your interest that other men—in every country—be smart, ambitious, and productive, not stupid, lazy, or incompetent. Would you be better off if Thomas Edison had been dim-witted? Nothing is changed if we substitute a Japanese inventor for Edison".

The point being driven home is that individual competencies of men is what betters our lives, and not collective branding of such great endeavors.


Anonymous allan said...

Most objectivists I have known were anarcho-capitalists for just the reason that quote states.

Each person doing their best for themselves helps all others.

Capitalism rewards initiative, and hence impels maximum contribution.

But then I am not an Objectivist - I just know a lot of them.

1/27/2006 5:23 AM  

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