Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

This book, one of most widely read, by Dan Brown obviously needs no introduction. Personally, it holds a significance of being my fastest read book. I finished it in two consecutive coast-to-coast 6-hour haul between Seattle and New York. A gripping edge-of-the-flight-seat thriller that keeps you 25000 feet above the ground, literally in my case, till you encounter the last full stop in the book. While reading it gave me enough thrills, I am waiting to see if motion and sound in Hollywood's attempt at it with Tom Hanks in lead can pull off some additional magic.

Also give a shot at the "webquest" at on the internet. An interestingly crafted treasure hunt laid out in the virtual domain called the world-wide-web, it certainly gives a taste of the book. I don't want to write about it and spoil the fun.

Happy deciphering !!!


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