Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Poem # 4

I wasn't all that comfy with math till around my 6th grade. But my dad's couple of hard knocks on my head seemed to have jolted my brain out of static-state, and brewed some decent passion for the subject which luckily lasted till I finished my undergrad. That's what prompted me to wrtie this poem while in 8th grade.

Maths Out the World

Two plus two is four
Is not really to bore.
From this lore
There's to learn more.

Math- it reels the head of some,
As they struggle for hours with a sum.
You do that with a hum,
And it goes in as rum.

The more you understand,
The more you learn to withstand.
Hard ones, though, they break your mind,
You would learn not to wind.

Nothing's too hard a task.
It's probably got a mask.
Look beyond the mask.
Then, for others help you won't ask.

That's world.
With effort, you get much.


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