Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Poem # 2

Here is another poem of mine, written while in 11th grade. Its all about how I felt after I prepared well for an exam, but performed moderately. It might sound childish now. But, then it was remarkable to me for the reason that, in it I had attempted to draw parallels between what was going through my mind and a storm building outside.

Pen ever in hand

With hopes all great,
I trod up to the test
And then fly fast towards the gate.
I might get late, lest.

All came in time.
With pen in my hand,
I got into, with rhyme.
That, suddenly, light darkened upon the land.

Just as sun into the cloud did go,
All my thoughts
Went so low,
That know not I, what on me got.

From the hand it dropped.
All the blue(*) came to merge,
And on me they cropped.
What an omen! In and out so large!

It(#) began in drops,
And then in lashes.
To eat up all the crops
And leave me to ashes.

From my hand did it drift,
Bearing just my name.
And my heavy heart I lift
To limp home lame.

Through the window, I kept my stare
At the lying reed.
In spite of every care
The wounded heart liked to bleed.

Not long after it ceased,
Leaving all toppled…...yet serene,
That I got appeased.
Nothing had gone lean!!

Then could I see,
That all came up new.
Nothing went into the sea.
Even if, they were few.

Thus I learnt
That miseries come and go
To leave a little burnt
And show the tinge of foe.
But if you could stand,
Then why care about a little test?
A strong hand
Will never drop for the rest.

* clouds and the ink in pen
# rain and tears


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