Monday, June 27, 2005

An evening in D's name

HOT NEWS: The erstwhile famine-hit 107 has recently gone through a palatable revolution. While there's been no dearth of food off late, Ms.D decides, on Monday evening, to delight us all with a menu (in her own words), that goes something like this;

Rasam (Soup made of Tomato, Tamarind and some Indian spices)
Tandoori Chicken (Indian version Buffalo wings)

Main Course:
1. Chapathi (Indian bread 1)
2. Poori (Indian bread 2)
3. Methi Paratha (Indian bread 3)
4. Jeera Rice
5. Chicken Biryani
6. Raitha (made with yogurt, this goes with Chicken Biryani (5), to cool the spices)
7. Chole Masala (made with chick peas, goes with chapathi(1))
8. Chicken Masala (goes with Jeera Rice, Chapathi and Methi Paratha)
9. Aloo Subzi (goes with Poori (2))

Gulab Jamoons (Very famous Indian Sweet)
Sompapdi (Another very famous Indian Sweet)

Mango Juice

STAR PLAYERS: danda-nakada, recent bencher from JPMorgan, "where's office" Amrit.
Thanks Deepa for the delicious dinner!!! We believe in “Gratification through Bukkufication”

Next event(and ofcourse a blog) in the offing : Nihaki Summer 2005 party.


Anonymous Deepa said...

Hey Venki,
You mesmerize me with your choice of words each time you write a blog. Did you ever consider working for press!

6/28/2005 9:49 AM  
Blogger Venki, USA said...

antha scene ledhu madam ! I can probably write some gossip columns.

6/28/2005 11:19 AM  
Anonymous vikky said...

Hi venky,
u did a good job putting her menu on Blogs..and u got to know onemore thing that one of her colleague wanted to marry her as she prepared the food excellent with a kinda algorithms to finish it....think this is a very good compliment for a girl..and apart from the menu new adda guy (shyam) did the same thing from the morning to evening till the night 2'o clock...and ofcourse me ...

6/28/2005 12:12 PM  

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