Tuesday, July 19, 2005

En Singara Chennai

Things, about Chennai, etched in my memory;

• The serenity of Mylapore Kabaleeshwarar Kovil.
• “Puli sadam” at Parthasarathy temple.
• “Kanda shashti kavasam”, that every tea kaddai religiously plays, early,every morning.
• Madras tamil, though not courteous.
• The Marina beach and “sundal”.
• “Ponn vasanam” at the roadside hand pumps, which are the lifelines of Chennai’s water supply.
• Racing with PTC buses on Mount road.
• Driving on East Coast road to Mahabs.
• Haggling with the Auto drivers.
• “Meen vandi’s” adding to the delight of driving on Madras roads.
• Some stuff, with funny names, that I used to eat off the push carts in Parrys corner.
• "Otel" Saravana Bhavan.
• Come home every evening from office and wash my face with saltiest of water.
• Devi and Satyam cine complex.
• Shopping in Pondy bazaar.
• Onyx staff meticulously picking garbage.

Good or bad, these are few of the things that I feel gives Chennai its flavor. i Welcome everyone to add more points to this.


Blogger pulchritude said...

Venki...i had 2 good trips to Chennai.
The first trip was a National HRD seminar....wherein it took me two days to be able to pronounce..."Numbambakkam" Road correctly(wonder if i spelt it right),went to Besant Nagar beach.Tnagar...soem dosa place..which had lots of varieties of Dosa..and we had topoint out to the waiter..what we needed...due to our lack of vernacular vocabulary.
I had wonderful one sided conversation with the Autowallah.

And the second trip was for my corporate training...where it "ALL HAPPENED"

I met vishal at the Chennai Central early morning 6 o'clock (It was so humid even early morn at 6 then,(June 13th) in line for Shatabdi!!!:)Thats where it all began...we said our first "hello's"

Chennai Chennai!!!

7/20/2005 5:51 PM  
Blogger Venki, USA said...

Hema! Yep, you got "Nungambakkam" wrong again. I didnt know that Chennai had attractions like VISHAL. Thats really nice to hear. I want to hear the Shatabdi story some time. So CHENNAI has pulled off a magic one more time !!

7/20/2005 6:19 PM  
Anonymous Chenthil said...

Hi venki, nice to see you around the bloggies.I am a regular reader of some of the popular tamil blogs.If u got some time go to thamizhmanam.com where u can read some tamil blogs.Im not much into english blogs.Rite now am not writing anything in my blog.planing to write some in future.ofcourse in tamil only.Cheers for the effort.

7/25/2005 10:37 PM  
Blogger Venki, USA said...

Hi Chentil ! Thanks for cheering me. For all the love for Tamil I have, I feel bad that I can't write in Tamil and can read only slowly. Never had a chance to do that. Still, I will surely try to read when you write your tamil blog.

7/26/2005 2:55 PM  

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