Saturday, December 03, 2005

oh oho...Skiing !!!

Lined up for tomorrow is a skiing program at Snoqualmie ( 40 miles off Seattle ). An elaborate range of Indian dishes are ready to keep me and my friends going for the whole of the trip. I don’t know if I can sleep tonite ( just kidding), especially if I have to Ski for the first time in life tomorrow. Atleast sounds to be a promise of a great experience!!!

A little about the hide-and-seek that this friend and I have been playing since 1995.
1995 - We meet at Jamshedpur in the "famed" Bihar.
1999 - He trails me to Chennai.
2002 - I trail him to Hyderabad.
2004 - He trails me to the US.
2005 - I trail him to Seattle.

Destiny seems to be pulling us both on the same geographical path over the globe.


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