Saturday, August 27, 2005


Here's a poem written by me while in 8th grade;

Half voyage

It was all merry
To hear a story on a long ferry.

At night soon as I slept
With eyes closed, as I kept.
Like every night, I had a dream.
On my face was a gleam,
As I set out on a travel
By sea, in a naval
Vessel, which started off gently
With all its crew light mentally.

Off we were to an unknown end
With a hope that luck on us might bend.
On we sailed for a month and a week
That the ship developed a leak.

I and my crew,
Tense as it began to sink.
Seeing no link
T o any other liner
We turned grimmer.

And as I started to weep,
Suddenly the vision in sleep
Ended in the middle
And the rest is riddle.


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