Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mercurial Musings

As the heat wave shows no signs of abating and my cerebral neurons are displaying increasingly erratic firing patterns, I thought it worthwhile to find a google therapy for it. In the process, I stumbled into some common facts/misconceptions about heat related illness;

1) Heat with high humidity is worse than dry heat : Because, when it's humid outside, it's much harder for sweat to evaporate. You stay hotter longer and can't cool down as quickly. This high body temperature can lead to damage of the brain or other vital organs.

2)Going back and forth between air-conditioned ambience and the outside environ is probably a good thing.

3)Fans are good up to a point They can help evaporate sweat, which is an important cooling process. But when it actually gets too hot, in the 90s, for example, all the electric fan does is circulate hot air. Not adviseable then, it seems.

4)Northerners Vs Southerners : The former might have more trouble acclimating to extreme temperatures. Southerners are exposed to more days of extreme heat and humidity, so their chances of getting past high heat and sun are greater.

Drink a lot and stay chill !!........I mean water.


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