Friday, June 30, 2006

A feel of capitalism

Seeing Hyderabad, India, after a gap of nearly 4 years, had certainly unsettled me for a while. Cell phones and credit cards are distributed like pamphlets. The next-door grocery stores are vanishing as super markets are coming in. The American pizza and burger stores are not only burgeoning, but also crowded to the hilt. Educated Indian youngsters no longer see waiting tables as lowly jobs. They are now proud to be a part of some global chain. The most striking sight was of hordes of people in proper formal attire, sporting company ID cards around their necks. Is this all just visible signs of a booming economy backed by a now-vibrant software industry ? Many shades of a single idea flooded me instantly: invasion of capitalism, taking on an additional identity of belonging to some global conglomerate, smelling success, a desire to be westernized, so on and so forth. Whatever be it, I only hope we consume it sparingly.

While I am talking of Hyderabad, I cannot deny similar developments in other parts of India. It's just that it's the only place I was in all the time while in India.


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