Friday, April 14, 2006

Home bound

The day finally arrived on April 3, 2006. After nearly half-a-decade long roller-coaster ride in different parts of the sprawling US, I was all set to head back to my sweet home.

Although I enjoyed the action packed life amidst study, work, dance clubs, casinos, camping and stuff, the long stint away from home seemed to have numbed some parts of my mental faculty. Or probably I was longing for some emotional refueling in the dust and grind of India. Whatever you call it, I experienced this inexplicable good feeling when I started to the Newark airport from my friend’s house in Jersey city. I knew, soon, the Pulaski skyway would give way to the Gemini flyover. While I wrote this post sitting in Schipol airport at Amsterdam, I was rearing to fly the transition from being a secondary citizen in a hard-boiled capitalistic monster machine to being a king in your own motherland.

The sausage roll at Schipol airport has already reminded me of the desi chicken puff. Stay tuned for more desi masala......


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